Saturday, March 4, 2017

Blue Apron

Hey Everyone!

Hope everyone is having a great 2017!

One of my friends posted on her Facebook that her and her husband ordered Blue Apron and raved about it. I always heard about it but never really looked into it. Honestly, I just always thought it something I could never really afford. And, well, let's be honest with my Disney addiction stronger than ever I can't lol! But, I signed up anyways. I was debating it for a few days, and then blue apron sent me a 75% off Coupon. Which made the total for 3 meals (6 technically) for $15. So I figured it was a perfect time to try it!

I ordered my meals, they give you the choice of 6 meals and you choose 3 out of the 6. We chose the spinach and mushroom Stromboli, Catfish with collard green, and sweet potato quesadilla. I received the order on Sunday afternoon. I was so excited to get the box! I couldn't wait to see how it was sent!

I of course set it up you could see what was inside the box a little better. I loved how everything was labeled and packaged!

The first meal we decided to make was the spinach &mushroom Stromboli. And it did not disappoint! 

Here are all the ingredients they gave me.

Not going to lie when I just saw one package of dough I was doubting if this was going to be big enough to fill up two people! But I still went with it! There was def a good amount of prep that went along with this meal! In which sense I can see people say it's a good date night activity. But, I had date night with myself so I started chopping. 

After I got chopping up all the ingredients I threw the mushrooms in a pan to cook, then went the spinach.

I cooked everything and then threw it a bowl to mix together. Flattened out the dough and stuffed the Stromboli!
I folded it and put it in the oven. 

I didn't think it was going to be enough for two people... But it was more than enough! I even had leftovers for lunch the next day!

Update::I did six meals... Although it was fun and different I chose not to do it after the first two weeks. Too many ingredients and too time consuming.

Princess half marathon 2017

Well princess 2017 has come and gone! It's such a special weekend for me... It's where it all started for me! I skipped last year, but this was my third princess race weekend.

I went with my friend Do, it was her first half marathon! We flew in to Orlando on Saturday, we stayed at old key West... Which was my first time staying there! It was cute! I enjoyed the theme. We hopped on the bus where the resort told us the expo was open until 6 so I figured we had plenty of time. We get there and it turned out the expo closed at 3pm. Not gonna lie I panicked. They told us we could pick up our bibs in the morning... But I had always been told no packet pickup morning of. So I sat and felt bad for our selves for a little while. This was Do's first half and I felt bad she wasn't going to experience the expo. But we took an Uber to Hollywood studios to catch our fastpasses. In my next post I'll talk more about the actual trip.

After riding a couple of things we go back to the room since we had to be up at 3:30 am. We ended up taking Uber over to Riverside for the pasta bar. Took it back to the room to eat in bed and prepare for the race in the morning. Usually I can't sleep the night of a half marathon.... But for some reason I wasn't nervous at all... Which I have to say was a strange feeling.

The alarm went off around 3:15am... Once again the resort told us the first bus was at 4am... But turns out it was at 3am... Once again I freaked out because I had no idea how long you could pick up the bibs that morning. We hopped on the bus and were on our way! And then we hit major traffic and it took us an hour to get to get to the race. STRESSFUL! We finally get to the race pickup our bibs and are on our way!

We get to the corral-- we were in the last.. which was OK except it took forever for us to start since well.... We were in the last. Fast forward an hour and it's start time!

The fireworks go off and were on our way! I started with my friend but we didn't stay together. I've never stopped for characters before but I was feeling good about this race... And knew I was going to be waiting for Do, so if I did characters we would be finishing about the same time.

About 2 miles in I found the pirates.. it was almost like fate because I was actually listening to yo-ho at the time! About mile 3.5 you go under the Magic Kingdom parking tolls. Mile 4 you go past the evil Queen from Snow White.. I waited about 7 minutes but they said it was still going to be about 15 minutes.... I had to pass and keep going.

About mile 5 you enter Magic kingdom... It's a side entrance that takes you to mainstreet. The bacon smell was unreal! It made me more hungry than I already was! If that was even possible! First you go through tomorrowland-- where I got picture with buzz lightyear. Then you Go through fantasy land and through the back of the castle. Once again it felt like felt.. let it go was playing right when I came up to the back of the castle characters from frozen were taking to everyone.

Mile 6 is when you hit frontier land and then go through the back of the park. I was feeling really good at this point! Stopped for a few more characters... Around mile 10 I was hitting a wall.. just getting really tired... Not enough long training runs I suppose.

I hit the God forsaken famous bypass everyone hates. But I knew it wasn't too much longer. There were a few times the course for super congested and it forced us to walk. Overall a great race! I dressed up as Cruella De Vil!

If you made it this far thank you!! I know it was a long post!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Orange Chicken

Hi Everyone! I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to make for dinner the other night. I knew we were going to have chicken... But I was kind of sick of all the chicken I had made so I decided to make this orange chicken recipe I found on Pinterest a while back! (I will post link at bottom of post). The sauce was very simple to make! The time consuming part was the chicken. The recipe wants you to fry the chicken. But, since I am trying to eat on the healthier side I decided to bake the chicken.. Although half of the chicken I dipped in egg, flour, and breadcrumbs and baked it that way, the other half I just baked regular.

The sauce was just BBQ Sauce (1 cup), Sweet Orange Marmalade (the whole can), 2 Tablespoon of Soy Sauce. Note:: I don't like my orange chicken very orange... I like mine with a hint of orange... So next time I would probably just use half the jar.

I dumped everything into the mixing cup and then dumped it into a pan to cook. I had it on medium low heat.

I just let it heat up while I started preparing the chicken.

I cut up all chicken into bite size pieces. Like I stated earlier I did half in the egg, flour, and bread crumbs. and half just the chicken. My boyfriend said he actually liked the coated ones better, I baked all the chicken together.

I put that in the oven to bake at 350 degrees for 25ish minutes.
While the chicken was baking I made the white rice and broccoli. I took the chicken out and dipped the chicken in the orange sauce.
Here was the finished product:
My boyfriend loved it! I wasn't totally sold... I would do half the orange, a nicer BBQ sauce, and probably add water to the sauce. However it was a pretty delish meal!!
Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Stitch Fix Review

Hi Everybody!

Happy late New Year! Every year I say I will write more... yet I never do... I always think my next year will be more interesting than my last... yet it never is!

Anyways! I keep seeing people post about Stitch Fix... I was kind of curious about it so I decided to order a box for myself! For anyone who doesn't know what it is... here is my summary: Stitch Fix is where you make a style profile they pick out a stylist for you... You pay $20 a month the stylist picks out 5 items they think you would like..... If you like one of the (over priced) items in the box the $20 go towards the item(s) and then you send the rest back that you don't like. If you like all 5 you can buy them at discounted 25% off full order.. ( I think it's 25%)

Okay so here it goes!

The box only took a couple of days to get here which was pretty cool. Came in this box.. And I must say I was very excited to see what they sent me! It was like a present to myself! (an over priced present)

It was very neatly wrapped! Which made me even more excited to dig in!

So I had 4 pieces of clothing plus a necklace.. And here are the pieces!

First piece was a tribal (I have no clue what you call these prints) but anyways it was really soft and comfy! It's probably something I would wear but to be honest I would probably only spend $15 on this at the store. Not because I'm that cheap (but yes, I am also that cheap). I just don't love the print enough to spend a whopping $48 on it! But, like I said it was soft. So that was a plus.

Next we have boy friend jeans. They don't go all the way down to the floor. They were kind of an awkward length for myself. Longer than capris but shorter then just rolling them up once. Anyways these as well were very comfortable! Priced at $76 I believe... If I liked the way they fit I would have bought them because they were very comfortable. But I didn't get them  because i'm not a big "boy friend style" person.

 They sent  this blue top that I really liked... But I have a ton of these shirts already... And in this color. And it seemed a little big on me. Please excuse my cats paw. He was dying to try on the necklace... or just play with it. Either one. I guess I forgot to mention i'm a mom now! Actually a mom of two! But i'll save that for a different post. Shirt was $48 necklace was $28
I did like this jacket a lot! It was super cute! I just didn't love it. and for $88 I wanted to love it.

So there ya go! This wraps up my January box! I didn't really love anything I got and I thought it was a little over priced... But I get it.. you are paying for convenience. I would of tried the clothes on but honestly, I didn't want the two people reading this to see me before I start my cleanse. (I will be posting about Advocare soon).

I ended up buying the necklace because if I didn't I would have lost my $20 so I just paid the extra $8.. Which I actually wore today. And yes, I am getting one more box next month. But then I'm cancelling (most likely) because it's not really worth it for e. I would rather just go to TJ Max or something like that.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Skinny Lasgana

Hello y'all!

 Here is your Southern girl take on lasagna rolls!

I went ahead and copied some of the ingredients for you:

Lasagna noodles
15OZ Ricotta
1 Cup Mozzarella
1/4 Cup Parmesan Cheese
1 Large Egg
10OZ Frozen Spinach
Marinara Sauce
Salt & Pepper
Non stick spray

I got this recipe from Pinterest (duh)! I will post the link after.. But overall the recipe was good! I was feeling like lasagna but was not wanting all the meat so that's why I went with a vegetarian lasagna.. Sometimes the meat is just too much for me.

I got almost all my items from Aldi.. If you have read any of my other posts you will know I shop I at Aldi a lot because it's cheaper.

1. Cook the pasta in a large bowl, add either olive oil or salt which ever you desire. Then once done cooking drain; be careful it does not rip... Once drained I laid them out flat.
2. While the noodles were cooking I started on the filling.. I cooked the spinach.. and added mushrooms and onions to mine.

   3. At this point you want to set the oven to 400 degrees... This is also where the non stick spray comes in effect. So spray your pan now :)
4. On a dry surface lay out the noodles and finish preparing your "guts"
5. The filling looks yummy I KNOW!
6. Lay the noodles out fill them each with filling... whatever you feel is appropriate.
7. Put the noodles in a cooking pan.. Put your red sauce on top! And there you go! you made some lasagna rolls!

Mine turned out very yummy! Let me know how yours turned out!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Let Go

Have you ever listened to a song from your past and it gives you "the feelings"? Or if you close your eyes you can almost see the past memories and get goose bumps just thinking about it? Yeah we all have those songs. I'm lucky enough to have a few. Basically the whole soundtrack from Garden State does that for me.

I was listening to Adele radio on Pandora earlier in the week and "Let Go" by Frou Frou came on. I haven't heard that song in a good few years. So it really took me back on that rainy afternoon. I was driving so I couldn't really just close my eyes and see the images but I had many flash backs. It's funny how much things change from when you are 16 or 17. I felt so alive. Recently my sister that in high school said to me.... "You are Brooke Davis and i'm Haley James." Which is a One Tree Hill reference (we are rewatching on Netflix right now). I used to wish I never ventured out as much as I did... But now I am thankful. I am thankful for the memories I have made and the people I have met along the way.

When I close my eyes and think of the time of my life that "Let Go" remind me of I see a lot of my friend Porter (who has now passed... I hopefully one day will have the words to write about that). I can still see our group of friends... Me, Porter, Evan, Blake, Wells... a few others. Nights of me staying out too late and doing things I shouldn't of been doing... Or even nights just sitting on Porter's porch talking about our hopes and dreams. It takes me back to video broadcasting when we had to edit videos and the soundtrack was playing in the backgrounds... A time so simple and I didn't even know it.

Another one to take me back is Taking Back Sunday.. It was the coolest "punk" band at the time.. I dated this guy that all the skaters wanted to date... looking back I still don't why he dated me... We would just lay on his bed for hours and just listen to their CD's. I mean hours upon hours. Music brought us together and is probably the main reason we stayed together. Their words spoke to both of us. Side note: I have yet to see TBS.. I had a ticket and got grounded in HS for skipping school. And boyfriend talked about above went in my place. And I hated him for it (obviously I have not recovered).

Cashing Cars by Snow Patrol is another one... that one reminds me of the time I looked over  at my high school sweetheart an I wondered if I would ever love him the way the song talked about, and well it turned out I loved him even more than the song talked about. And this one deserves their own post.

More than anything I am thankful so many songs take me to back to so many great memories. I think maybe I get taken back to high school so much because that's where I have learned the most life lessons in my life. That's the time that I had the best friends in my life. I had the best memories. My first time falling in love. The first time I thought I was in love. The time I learned some of my life's toughest trials. I was the most alive. I love Porter for that. He always made sure I was alive and really loving my life. Even if I wasn't with him. He was one of my greatest friends of all.

For anyone reading this there are many songs and people i'm forgetting to mention. There is this one person that song's remind me of him but we never got enough in person time to really have a specific song to make me feel him... I have songs that I listen to that remind me of him... But not really any that give me the feeling because we never shared a song in person together. And I hate that.

What song's give you "the feeling"?

Monday, July 27, 2015

Bride to Be

It's that time of year! Wedding season! I have two engagement parties at the same time the same exact day, go figure.One of which is for one of my sweet friends from high school Madelyn. I met the bride and groom both around the same time.. We all worked at Beef- O-Brady's together.. Just a fun/miserable time of my life. I made life long friends and basically no money. But at least I got some wonderful memories out of the job! I really wasn't sure what you give as an engagement gift... as I have never really been to an engagement party before. So I brainstormed and the couple already lives together... and basically has  everything they could want... plus let's be real they are going to have a few showers in the future and they will get whatever they don't already have. So I decided to make something for the bride! I always see all these cute gift baskets so I thought it would be a good time to try my hand at one.. and I must say I was pretty happy with the way it turned out! And it wasn't too expensive either! All together I think I spent $22.98... so $23.00! Not too shabby if you ask me.

Ok, now let's get to good stuff!

Here is what I put in the basket:

The basket was from Marshalls : $9.99
Champagne glasses Dollar Store: $1.00
Ring Pops Dollar Store: $1.00
Thank you cards Dollar Store: $1.00
Mason Jar mug Marshalls: $1.99
Note book Walmart: 3.99
The Knot magazine Walmart: $4.99
Wine bottle not shown Trader Joes: $2.99

Ok so the total came out to be $26.95 not too bad! I wrapped the notebook and magazine together with some hemp string I already had. 

and I tied the ring pops together and wrote "Because he put a ring on it"

And here was the finished outcome

I was happy with the outcome of the basket! I think the bride was too! So it was a win and I will probably another basket in my near future!!