Thursday, January 16, 2014

First World Decisions

Hi Friends,

       I had to make a big decision over the weekend... I very adult decision if I might add! I have been in the dilemma that I want/need two things (well actually a million but this is what I narrowed it down to) a new phone or a new pair of running shoes. It has been two years and around 6 phones later... I hopped on the android bandwagon 2 years ago and regretted that decision after 2 months! I kept having to go through phones because the androids wouldn't last.. I am ashamed to share this on social media but I am actually using an Iphone 3G.. Yes you read correctly! Now you can see why I NEED a new phone!

        On to my shoe issue.. My mom bought me my first pair or real running shoes last Christmas. I always had Nike's or Addidas but never real running shoes. Well I wore them down pretty good! I wore them down so much that anytime I was wearing them recently I was getting blisters and my toes would be sore after a run. And as you know the shoes are the key ingredient to having a good run. As I have a half marathon coming up in February I knew it was important to get a new pair of shoes.

        I hate being an adult sometimes... In fact when people call me an adult I think to myself I am no where near an adult! Most days I still feel like that 16 year old girl that is in high school. But that is a different topic for a different day. Regardless I knew I wanted a phone...but knew shoes were more important right now. Anyone else have to make a first world decision recently? You can probably guess which one I picked...

As for my running... I broke in my new shoes with 9 miles on Monday. It came with a little bit of pain with my right foot... but you don't gain anything unless you go through the pain sometimes... I am 1 mile and 1 week closer to becoming a princess! 38 more days!! 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Running in the Cold

Hello again!

         I hope everyone is keeping warm! I just wanted to do a quick check in! It has been a busy few weeks! I can honestly say though, I am glad the holidays are over. The food was delicious and the company was fantastic! I loved cuddling up watching Christmas movies...But I am happy to be back on a schedule! Happy to feel motivated and get this new year started right! Last week I ran 8 miles... The most I have run so far! I am one mile closer to being a princess! This trip is approaching very quickly and I am SO excited! I was very nervous a couple of weeks ago.

        I am waiting for the temperatures to go back up a few degree's so I can knock out a 9 mile run... I'm sorry but I refuse to do anything but run to my car in this kind of weather! Not to mention it should be illegal in the south to make people work in these temperatures! I can't wait to be in sunny Florida in a month and a half! I have not decided how warm I hope the weather is... As I know the warmer the weather the slower the runner... Or at least in my case that is true!

        That is all for now, I shall write a longer post this week. Just wanted to write down the progress I am making running wise :)