Saturday, March 4, 2017

Princess half marathon 2017

Well princess 2017 has come and gone! It's such a special weekend for me... It's where it all started for me! I skipped last year, but this was my third princess race weekend.

I went with my friend Do, it was her first half marathon! We flew in to Orlando on Saturday, we stayed at old key West... Which was my first time staying there! It was cute! I enjoyed the theme. We hopped on the bus where the resort told us the expo was open until 6 so I figured we had plenty of time. We get there and it turned out the expo closed at 3pm. Not gonna lie I panicked. They told us we could pick up our bibs in the morning... But I had always been told no packet pickup morning of. So I sat and felt bad for our selves for a little while. This was Do's first half and I felt bad she wasn't going to experience the expo. But we took an Uber to Hollywood studios to catch our fastpasses. In my next post I'll talk more about the actual trip.

After riding a couple of things we go back to the room since we had to be up at 3:30 am. We ended up taking Uber over to Riverside for the pasta bar. Took it back to the room to eat in bed and prepare for the race in the morning. Usually I can't sleep the night of a half marathon.... But for some reason I wasn't nervous at all... Which I have to say was a strange feeling.

The alarm went off around 3:15am... Once again the resort told us the first bus was at 4am... But turns out it was at 3am... Once again I freaked out because I had no idea how long you could pick up the bibs that morning. We hopped on the bus and were on our way! And then we hit major traffic and it took us an hour to get to get to the race. STRESSFUL! We finally get to the race pickup our bibs and are on our way!

We get to the corral-- we were in the last.. which was OK except it took forever for us to start since well.... We were in the last. Fast forward an hour and it's start time!

The fireworks go off and were on our way! I started with my friend but we didn't stay together. I've never stopped for characters before but I was feeling good about this race... And knew I was going to be waiting for Do, so if I did characters we would be finishing about the same time.

About 2 miles in I found the pirates.. it was almost like fate because I was actually listening to yo-ho at the time! About mile 3.5 you go under the Magic Kingdom parking tolls. Mile 4 you go past the evil Queen from Snow White.. I waited about 7 minutes but they said it was still going to be about 15 minutes.... I had to pass and keep going.

About mile 5 you enter Magic kingdom... It's a side entrance that takes you to mainstreet. The bacon smell was unreal! It made me more hungry than I already was! If that was even possible! First you go through tomorrowland-- where I got picture with buzz lightyear. Then you Go through fantasy land and through the back of the castle. Once again it felt like felt.. let it go was playing right when I came up to the back of the castle characters from frozen were taking to everyone.

Mile 6 is when you hit frontier land and then go through the back of the park. I was feeling really good at this point! Stopped for a few more characters... Around mile 10 I was hitting a wall.. just getting really tired... Not enough long training runs I suppose.

I hit the God forsaken famous bypass everyone hates. But I knew it wasn't too much longer. There were a few times the course for super congested and it forced us to walk. Overall a great race! I dressed up as Cruella De Vil!

If you made it this far thank you!! I know it was a long post!

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