Friday, January 22, 2016

Stitch Fix Review

Hi Everybody!

Happy late New Year! Every year I say I will write more... yet I never do... I always think my next year will be more interesting than my last... yet it never is!

Anyways! I keep seeing people post about Stitch Fix... I was kind of curious about it so I decided to order a box for myself! For anyone who doesn't know what it is... here is my summary: Stitch Fix is where you make a style profile they pick out a stylist for you... You pay $20 a month the stylist picks out 5 items they think you would like..... If you like one of the (over priced) items in the box the $20 go towards the item(s) and then you send the rest back that you don't like. If you like all 5 you can buy them at discounted 25% off full order.. ( I think it's 25%)

Okay so here it goes!

The box only took a couple of days to get here which was pretty cool. Came in this box.. And I must say I was very excited to see what they sent me! It was like a present to myself! (an over priced present)

It was very neatly wrapped! Which made me even more excited to dig in!

So I had 4 pieces of clothing plus a necklace.. And here are the pieces!

First piece was a tribal (I have no clue what you call these prints) but anyways it was really soft and comfy! It's probably something I would wear but to be honest I would probably only spend $15 on this at the store. Not because I'm that cheap (but yes, I am also that cheap). I just don't love the print enough to spend a whopping $48 on it! But, like I said it was soft. So that was a plus.

Next we have boy friend jeans. They don't go all the way down to the floor. They were kind of an awkward length for myself. Longer than capris but shorter then just rolling them up once. Anyways these as well were very comfortable! Priced at $76 I believe... If I liked the way they fit I would have bought them because they were very comfortable. But I didn't get them  because i'm not a big "boy friend style" person.

 They sent  this blue top that I really liked... But I have a ton of these shirts already... And in this color. And it seemed a little big on me. Please excuse my cats paw. He was dying to try on the necklace... or just play with it. Either one. I guess I forgot to mention i'm a mom now! Actually a mom of two! But i'll save that for a different post. Shirt was $48 necklace was $28
I did like this jacket a lot! It was super cute! I just didn't love it. and for $88 I wanted to love it.

So there ya go! This wraps up my January box! I didn't really love anything I got and I thought it was a little over priced... But I get it.. you are paying for convenience. I would of tried the clothes on but honestly, I didn't want the two people reading this to see me before I start my cleanse. (I will be posting about Advocare soon).

I ended up buying the necklace because if I didn't I would have lost my $20 so I just paid the extra $8.. Which I actually wore today. And yes, I am getting one more box next month. But then I'm cancelling (most likely) because it's not really worth it for e. I would rather just go to TJ Max or something like that.

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