Monday, January 6, 2014

Running in the Cold

Hello again!

         I hope everyone is keeping warm! I just wanted to do a quick check in! It has been a busy few weeks! I can honestly say though, I am glad the holidays are over. The food was delicious and the company was fantastic! I loved cuddling up watching Christmas movies...But I am happy to be back on a schedule! Happy to feel motivated and get this new year started right! Last week I ran 8 miles... The most I have run so far! I am one mile closer to being a princess! This trip is approaching very quickly and I am SO excited! I was very nervous a couple of weeks ago.

        I am waiting for the temperatures to go back up a few degree's so I can knock out a 9 mile run... I'm sorry but I refuse to do anything but run to my car in this kind of weather! Not to mention it should be illegal in the south to make people work in these temperatures! I can't wait to be in sunny Florida in a month and a half! I have not decided how warm I hope the weather is... As I know the warmer the weather the slower the runner... Or at least in my case that is true!

        That is all for now, I shall write a longer post this week. Just wanted to write down the progress I am making running wise :)

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