Friday, February 28, 2014

Florida Part 1

It finally came! The trip I have been waiting for since summer! Princess Half Marathon came and went. I had such a long and wonderful trip I am having to make separate blog posts about it! And here we go!

My first part of the trip I spent with a good friend of mine, Porter, we have been friends for 10 years now! Crazy! Wahh I am getting old! He is one of those friends you don't talk to for a good 8 months and you pick up where you just left off. We did lots of fun things!! We snuck into a hotel in St. Petersburg to go swim, went to the beach, ate at a couple of good restaurants, and went to downtown St. Petersburg Saturday night. We had so much fun, and was so glad I went down a few days early to hang out with him! One meal that stood out to me is this place called Sloppy Joe's it was on the beach. I got a fried cod sandwich and it was so yummy! I have a very sensitive stomach though, so the sandwich did not agree with me... But if I had to do it over again I would of done it the same way.

After a few days with Porter in St. Petersburg I made my way to Gokie's (my grandma) beach house on Long Boat Key. It was so nice and I had so much fun there! The beach is literally across the street from her house! It was so nice, it was my first time staying there since she only bought it a few months ago. We went to the beach, I did a 10 mile run (which was so beautiful), went to the little downtown area. While we were in downtown we made a stop and got some macaroons! So yummy! I got very burnt but my pale skin loved every second of it :)


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