Thursday, February 19, 2015

It's been too long

Wow has it been a while... I'v been a bad blogger the last year... But here goes nothing!

It's that time again.. The time to start packing my tiara because, I'm going to Disney World for the Princess Half Marathon 2015! A lot has happened since my trip last year, in some ways I feel like a completely different person. Last year when I went I was completely trained, I went for 10 long days, went to St. Pete,Longboat Key, and Disney. I had the most amazing trip ever!! This year i'm feeling a little down. Don't get me wrong i'm still excited but there was nothing that could compare to my 2014 trip.

Like I said a lot has happened since this February and last February. My sweet friend Porter that I went to go see last year? Well he passed away. That is a different story for a different blog post. Last year when I was visiting Porter I happen to meet this incredible guy randomly. The "relationship" was sweet and short, we will just leave it at that. I cherish the memories I spent with him, the long hours on the phone, the couple times I went down to Florida to see him. I can say he opened my eyes a lot and he did teach me a lot. I really do cherish those memories. Last year I was so excited for the race I couldn't take it.. This year I'm just feeling very mehhh about it. I have not trained... pretty much at all. I ran a 15K about a month ago and I have ran on the tread mill a few times. But let's be honest here I am in no condition to run 13 miles. But ready or not it's coming! I'm going as Belle this year.. I'm hoping the costume will come out cute!

When I think about the last year and how much it has changed I don't know weather to smile or cry. Maybe in a post coming up I will talk more about all the changes that happened. but for now I'll just leave it like this. I'm still excited to get down to Disney! I will do a post when I get back letting everyone know if I finished successfully or if I was hanging with the Balloon ladies!

Princess Half Marathon--- I'm comin for ya!!   

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