Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Signs Signs, Everywhere a Sign

During the summer everyone wants to be single. And during the winter everyone wants to have somebody. It's a lonely exhausting cycle. Relationships are exhausting and being single is exhausting. When you are in a relationship you are always worrying about things about your relationship..the struggles..the problems. When you are single you are worrying about dating. Is he thinking about you? Is he wanting to text you? Does he actually like you or are you the girl on the "B" list when he is actually thinking about the girl on his "A" list. When you see an EX is it a sign? Even if you see them more then once in a day in two random places? Are they thinking about you while your thinking about them for those few moments you are in the same establishment? Are the signs in your head? Do people actually believe in "signs"? I'm not even sure if I believe in signs anymore. I know I use to...But the older I get the more I think maybe the signs are in my head. When couples get together during the Fall/Winter is it because they truly feel a connection to one another or because they are both lonely enough to make up a connection. While all your friends are in relationships it seems like a lot of pressure to find someone because were getting to the age that we need to be settling down. We always had a timeline in our heads..and well reality is, is that the timeline is not matching up to the reality. So maybe we can make our own timelines. We should all be strong enough to hold out for that one person that brings the best out of you. The one that gives you butterflies. Sometimes it's hard to not look at the past because chances are those people that use to give you butterflies still do. But just because they give you butterflies does not mean you should go back to those butterflies. Just because you see someone twice in one day does not mean you should go back to that person. It is not a sign to fall back in old habits. Maybe even bad habits. Just because your "timeline" is running out does not mean you need resort to someone you use to be with. This post was just a big fat mess. I have many thoughts going through my head that would be too many thoughts to put all in one post. So let me just leave you with one thing. Although this is the relationship season, don't just go back to someone because you want someone. Wait for that special someone! Things don't have to be as complicated as we make them...But that's part of us humans. We make things complicated when in fact they are very simple. If your getting lonely go out with your girls and get a drink. Or even get a pint of Ben & Jerry's and rent Magic Mike and remember your waiting for someone as hot as Channing Tatum.

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